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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Em Woods

Book Title:   Impossible To Resist
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Publisher:  Total E Bound Publishing
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While Max’s biggest fear is being touched, his greatest dream is to be loved. Can he let Jeremiah close enough to heal, or will he turn away all that he wants for the safety of what he knows?

Max Eisner suffers from haptephobia, the fear of being touched. He refuses to let that stop him from living, though every second outside his house compounds his distress. Nor does it prevent him from yearning for that one man who will crash through those barriers and make Max his in every way.

Jerimiah Sandburg has watched the handsome man walk past his office door every morning for the past three months. Every day he has the same pained look on his face, flinching whenever someone brushes against him. Jerimiah isn’t sure if Max will trust him enough to work through whatever is bothering him, but he’s not willing to wait another day to claim the smaller man for his own.

Will Max listen to the call of his heart, or will he shut himself off once and for all?

Reviewer: Allison

I want to first start by saying I fell in love with Em's style of writing immediately. The words weren't necessarily flowery and romantic, though they had their moments. But there wasn't a single superfluous line or phrase in the entire book. Every word had meaning and depth and played up for the entire story... at least in my humble opinion. I found myself completely enthralled, and didn't even skip through the sex as I find myself doing so much.

Now, for the story itself...

At first, I was confused about Max and Miah. I couldn't get a sense for where Em was going with these boys, which was a good thing, because it kept me reading and needing to learn more about them. It kept me guessing about how things would work out. I loved the fact that both boys had major personalities that almost seemed to clash in the beginning, but came together so wonderfully I loved the push/push relationship in the beginning and how they ended up being so damn cute with each other by the end.

Overall, this was a very sweet, intense, fast-moving read that I would recommend to anyone who is a seasoned fan of M/M romance, and even for the newbies to the genre. Great job, Em. Awesome story!


1. Tell us a little bit about how Impossible To Resist came to life. What inspired the story? 

Actually, in the earlier days I did prompt writing from things one of the editors at Writer's Digest would post on their Promptly blog. This story came from that nudge, then I couldn't help but wonder what would happen for a man who didn't want, or couldn't be, would his HEA come around?

2. Who is your favorite character and what makes them so memorable to you? 

Max...definitely Max. He's such a good man, and he deserved a good man. Even if that man was a little flawed.

3. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you decide to write?

Well, I'm a thirty-something, a mom of two and wife to one terrific husband who gives me all the writing time I need. I'm multi-published with Total E Bound and Breathless Press, not to mention being a part of the most wonderful writing group, The Story Orgy, with whom we have three self-published anthologies.

What got me started writing? Well, I've written since high school, but a few years ago I took a creative writing class and my teacher encouraged me to join Romance Writers of America. She believed in me, so I believed in myself. Another friend offered to talk to her editor, and then off we went. It was exciting and scary and wonderful all wrapped into one!

4. Any advice for aspiring authors?

Practice, practice, practice. Search out other authors, ones that you think are better than you, and listen to their stories and how they came about. Learn from that, then find some courses on fictional writing, plot writing, characters. Research, both online and in real life. You'll be surprised where your characters and their quirks will come from.

5. Where is the best place to follow your work? 

My blog.

6. Any additional comments? 

Thanks so much for having me!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Caitlin Ricci

Book Title: Taming the Lion Tamer
Genre: LGBT Romance
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Link to purchase: 
Silver Publishing

Quinn's devotion to the big cats at his sanctuary doesn't leave much time for finding love, but when an animation company asks him to bring a lion down to model, meeting Charlie could be just the chance he needs.

The big cats in the sanctuary Quinn runs have long held his heart. However, an animation artist may offer them some competition for his affection.

Charlie can barely look at Quinn, much less talk to him. Quinn is confident, friendly, and too handsome for words. Charlie can't believe it when Quinn invites him up to the sanctuary for the weekend. He's enthralled and finds himself falling hard for the man his sister calls Sex God Quinn Fitzgerald.

Reviewer: Allison

This was a short and sweet little book that started off with the adorable awkwardness of meeting someone new and realizing there’s an attraction there, and longing for that attraction to be mutual. After Quinn makes his move on the shy guy buried beneath a hoodie, who has an amazing talent for capturing life in still life, things seem to blossom quickly.

On the other hand, there’s Charlie, who lives with his sister and nieces and doesn’t get around to dating much. His last boyfriend is a real jerk and Charlie just isn’t real eager to find his one true love. He’s happy with life the way it is... then Quinn comes along.

Quinn invites Charlie to the Big Cat Sanctuary for the weekend. While Charlie had no expectations of his weekend away, his sister puts a few heated ideas in his head, and by the time Charlie’s three hour road trip dumps him off in Nowhere, Wyoming, he’s a little more ready to use the roll of condoms his sister nearly crammed in his pockets for him.

There are some really sweet scenes between Charlie and Quinn, and some major “Awww” moments for anyone who is a true romantic. Walking away from the book, I felt satisfied and completely ecstatic for the boys. I wish I could’ve seen a little more of them, but isn’t that the sign of a truly good writer? When the reader wants to spend more time getting to know the characters, falling in love with them and watching them fall in love, that means the writer brought the characters to life and made the reader feel for them. Miss Ricci certainly didn’t fail us here.

Overall, this was a good, quick and easy, feel-good read, and I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a fast pick-me-up.


1. Tell us a little bit about how Taming the Lion Tamer came to life. What inspired the story?

The idea for Taming the Lion Tamer came to me one afternoon while driving east along I-70 on the Colorado plains. There’s a billboard next to the highway advertising a wild animal sanctuary about an hour east of Denver. I went on their website, looked at the stories of some of their big cats, and started thinking about the kind of man that would devote his life to saving big cats.

2. Who is your favorite character and what makes them so memorable to you?

Quinn Fitzgerald, zoologist and owner of the big cat sanctuary in my story, is the one I most lean toward. He's got his quirks and writing him made me smile because he feels so warm and comfortable to me. He's a man whose best friend is an endangered Asiatic lion. He's brave without trying to be, sweet to everyone and just wants to do what's right for the cats.

3. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you decide to write?

I've always loved reading and in middle school that love morphed into writing. My therapist in middle school actually got me started by telling me to re-write things that were happening around me so that I could gain some control over them and better understand the feelings I was having. This love of writing took off from there.

4. Any advice for aspiring authors?

You cannot edit a blank page so always keep writing and make sure to go for what you want, regardless of what others may think or say.

Where is the best place to follow your work?

5. Any additional comments?

Thanks for having me and reviewing my second book!