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Friday, May 11, 2012

J.D. Yeiser

Book Title: Body in the Barrel
Genre: Mystery (Cosy mystery)
Publisher: XOXOPublishing
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Blurb: Harlan and Gloria Stone have played amateur sleuths for years. Using resources available at home, they try to beat the officials to a solution and they have, so far, always beat them. Now on one of their frequent RV excursions, they stumble across a new mystery, a body in a whiskey barrel, a barrel that sat in a warehouse for more than twenty years. Gloria, applying her well developed sleuthing skills, identifies the victim the same day she is discovered in the barrel. From that point, Gloria and Harlan continue to uncover information well ahead of the officials. They come to the attention of the authorities and to the sinister characters who are still around more than twenty years after the deed. Cooperating with the one group and avoiding the other group, they push the mystery to a complete resolution.

Reviewer: Libby

This book opens with a bang and keeps the pace up right through to the end. The descriptions are crisp and clear, the dialogue is perfect, and the knowledge behind the workings of different aspects in the novel make it a wonderful, pleasing read.

Having grown up near the area of the country the book is centered in and having traveled there countless times, I have to say Jim Yeiser does a wonderful job of describing the area. He also does a phenomenal job of describing the ins and outs of RVing as well as whiskey making without making either into a school lesson or overly intricate. Just enough information to catch the attention and inform the reader so everything falls into place and makes sense. All in all Jim just does a wonderful job telling this story. All of the characters are top notch, from the sinister, to the sad, to the inquisitive couple that starts the ball rolling on eventually convicting the murderer.

Anyone who loves murder, mystery, and sleuthing needs to pick up a copy of this book today. You will not be disappointed. The book is impossible to put down once it has been started. It left me absolutely desperate to read about the past adventures Harlan and Gloria had that were alluded to in the book.


1.       Tell us a little bit about how Body in the Barrel came to life. What inspired the story?

The two main characters, Harlan and Gloria, are inspired by my brother and his wife; they are RVers. The idea of casting them in a story arose in email conversations with them and my two sisters. I can recall the email I wrote saying, “If I were writing it, it would sound something like this.” The first few paragraphs hooked me, and Body in the Barrel is the second story about them. Setting the story in Kentucky was a response to the advice to all authors – write what you know.

2.       Who is your favorite character and what makes them so memorable to you?

I am drawn to Cooper – Harley Wayne Dowdell. He's a quiet and seemingly uncomplicated man. He is perceptive, considerate and moral. I try to picture how his life would have turned out without the burden of knowing what he had done.

3.       Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you decide to write.

High school drama and debate pulled me in completely. I completed my degree in theater and landed my first 'real' job in public relations. There and in subsequent marketing jobs, I wrote – reports, films, presentations, speeches, releases, feature articles. In college, I wrote a one act play that was staged there and later in at least two other theaters. I wrote a children's story which was illustrated and then published. When I started the Harlan and Gloria stories, I was no longer in the corporate world full time. I was able to clear major chunks of time and head space to devote to writing.

4.       Any advice for aspiring authors?

Writing is, for me, a solo activity. Editing, publishing and marketing are not. Even with a long career in marketing, I need all the help I can possibly get to market my work. So, my advice – get help, as much as you can find. 

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