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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Havan Fellows

Book Title: Emery's Ritches – Book two of Synchronous Seductions
Genre: M/M erotic romance
Publisher: Breathless Press
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Blurb: Ritchie won't admit that he's heartbroken. Emery won't accept less than all of Ritchie's affection. How will meticulous Emery win snarky Ritchie for his own?

Ritchie Lymings is wallowing in self-pity after seeing the man he loves—his best friend—reunited with his arch enemy. He's drowning his sorrows in coffee and caramel when an irritating stranger barges into his life, determined to make him smile. Even if this interloper is too dense to understand his faux pas, Ritchie figures he may be good for a quickie to get his mind off of his immediate situation. A simple round of love 'em and leave 'em sounds promising.

Emery Hutchins recognizes Ritchie immediately when he stops for his morning coffee and breakfast. His friend Ryder had been telling him stories about "the infuriating twit" for years. Fate and coincidence were two things that normally gave Emery cause for pause, but he couldn't let this opportunity pass him by. Unable to relinquish control to fate though, he immediately devises a plan to make the deliciously snarky Ritchie his own, one hundred percent completely.

But for these two diverse personalities there is one major problem. How can Ritchie's attitude and Emery's meticulousness blend together, or is this an oil and water mess?

Reviewer: Allison

I’m no stranger to Havan’s work and I must say, thus far, I haven’t been disappointed one bit. One thing I’ve loved most about Havan’s stories is the confident, cocky lead man who always thinks he has everything figured out and as far as everyone else is concerned, he does. But not everything is as perfect as he thinks. Emery is no different in that case. I love his arrogance. I love his voice. And most of all, I love how he realizes maybe he doesn’t know everything. Ritch is also a very strong character. His range of emotions feels so real and I certainly can relate to them.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the tug-of-war of their relationship is perfectly articulated in a fine choice of words that also brings a sense of humor to a very intense situation. And the sex, oh my god! I can see people who skim over the sex scenes reading through these. Havan does one of the things I love. The normal monotony of pumping and heavy breathing is broken up by well-placed internal conflict that doesn’t distract from the scene.

So I guess it goes without saying, I LOVED the book. LOVED! LOVED! LOVED! It was a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon in bed. I can honestly say Emery and Ritch… and even Geoff (who was a small but well-written character) will stick with me, and that’s what I love in books. For fans of M/M, I DEFINITELY recommend "Emery's Ritches."


  1. Tell us a little bit about how Emery's Ritches came to life. What inspired the story?
I am a member of the StoryOrgy (a writing group that posts free reads every Monday)...and my first ever blog story was Harlan's Ryde. When I was planning on writing the very last post for that story—all proud like that I actually finished it *face palm* this annoying twit Ritchie popped up in my blog post. He happened to be Harlan's best friend (surprised me—I didn't even know that) and he demanded to take center stage on what happened to not be the last blog post for that story. No matter how much he irked me, he was a loyal best friend who put his love for Harlan aside so Harlan could have his HEA...I knew I had to give Ritchie his own story and his own HEA...but darned if I wasn't going to make him work for it...enter Emery...*giggles evilly*

  1. Who is your favorite character and what makes them so memorable to you?
Oh wow...are they going to be reading this? Because you know—they give me a hard enough time in my head...I don't want to upset them *face palm* I would have to say Shan is the funnest...and he talks the loudest...and uses his Djinn powers against the others in my mind...wait a second—he's not that much fun for me come to think of it...

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you decide to write.
I've always wanted to entertain people...I used to put on impromptu 'concerts' around the pool when I was a child and make up stories when I was older about the weirdest things I would see. If I can take people out of their everyday lives even for just a few minutes and enjoy a world I put out there for—that is something special. *big grins*

  1. Any advice for aspiring authors?
Friends. A lot of friends...and if they happen to be excellent authors that you can bounce ideas off of, rant to when your characters are misbehaving, question when edits are tearing you up and just lean on when it all becomes too much at the moment—then count yourself extremely lucky. Hello...I'm extremely lucky...

  1. Where is the best place to follow your work?
You can find me on my blog Havan's Heavenly I hang on the Story Orgy blog or our Facebook page.

  1. Any additional comments?
Thank you so much for having me Allison *giggles* I love saying that...hehe Also, even though Emery's Ritches is book two in the series is can be read as a standalone book. *waves and blows kisses*


  1. Thank you so much for the fantastic review! :)

  2. Allison, what a great review! I loved this book too!

    1. Havan is incredibly talented and I was completely honored to have an opportunity like this.