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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Duncan McGonall

Book Title: Bread of Fools
Genre: Young Adult/Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Smashwords
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Blurb: There are eleven keys that control the Incarnation cycle. A new Incarnation cycle will not happen without the Keys. Some of them are missing. The Keys establish Mana, and bring to order Flux, the force in all things, the blood and breath of the Universe and the Arcanon control them - or they did until Tolen refused his seat, and Bruce is caught in the middle.

Reviewer: Jamie

I am a huge fan of YA novels, so I was very much looking forward to getting ahold of something new. Bread of Fools is unlike others in its genre with a fresh premise and characters who are conflicted, confused and real.
The confusion of the main character, Bruce, is portrayed well, as a reader you will be able to sympathize with him as he struggles through the story. The best thing about the characters is that many of them are not good or bad but like most of us, they are a bit of both. I found it just as easy to empathize with the “bad guys” as it was to feel for Bruce and Zoey.
This story takes place in different dimensions, which at first was a bit confusing, but as the story unfolds and you learn more about the world around the characters the flow becomes easier. The action scenes and the dialog was spirited, and the abundance of secrets will keep you guessing. All in all, I’m looking forward to reading what happens next this tale and seeing as how the book ended on a cliffhanger I can only hope that Duncan McGonall continue Bruce’s story.


1.      Tell us a little bit about how (Title) came to life. What inspired the story?

Bread of Fools came to be pulling several threads of a tapestry left hanging and undone for quite some time. I’m not certain how wise it is to elaborate on the fine details, but the work came to be from an ardent desire to produce an honest piece of fiction--one that reflected the realities of a lifestyle of secrets and power and the quest for both.

2.      Who is your favorite character and what makes them so memorable to you?

I think perhaps my personal favorite is Maramore. He’s dark and mysterious, does whatever he does for his own reasons, and knows things no one else knows in the story. He is the sole possessor of the “big picture.” Yet his focus on the big picture ignores many times the details that comprise it. Among other things Maramore offers a shift in focus by contrast.

3.      Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you decide to write.

That is a very interesting question that I suppose is of interest to many prospective readers and authors, alike. It seems I have always had the “knack.” I have had my share of life experience. But only in the past few years through a process of personal growth and evolution and with the love and nurture of my wife, have I been serious about publishing. When you write, it’s like your soul bleeds into the words, that effort to capture “this-ness” is so pressing. Before I found my Sharon, I was never willing to bleed like that for anyone. I knew going in, that any real gain to be had outside the joy of the process itself was going to be gained in the long term and would require a continual exposure by parts and degrees of pieces of my inner self. I’m just very lucky to have found the One in this life that I love more than life itself. 

4.      Any advice for aspiring authors?

Read good books. Read classic literature. Read work that inspires thoughts you may never stumble upon on your own. Write and if you think it sucks, write MOAR. Write till you’re really sick of yourself, then burn it or throw it in the river and start again if you don’t like it. Whatever the outcome, hold it loosely--whether it’s a masterpiece or a flop don’t hold onto it too tightly: move on.

5.      Where is the best place to follow your work?

At the moment the best place to stay on the cutting edge is Facebook, and after what I have seen of the power of word of mouth, it may always be the place to keep up with my work. The jury is still out.

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