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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rick McGranahan

Book Title: Visiting the Ghost of Puppyboy
Genre: Gay Literature / Memoir
Publisher: PublishAmerica
Link to purchase:

Blurb: You are invited into my Go-Go Boy/Stripper past. Over a period of seven years in the nightclub industry, go on a journey through memorable stories interwoven with documented journal entries, telling a true tale of how a Micro-celebrity alter ego stage name is created and then eventually put to death by self-destruction, eventually becoming a mere taunting ghost of the past. Encounter experiences of head exploding arrogance, defining friendships both shallow and deep, drug and alcohol addiction, traveling on naked money, struggling to find love under a DJ spotlight, and figuring out how to define the difference of being in love or in love with the idea of being in love. The nightclub industry wrapped its arms around me, swept me away in a whirlwind, but little did I know it would chew me up and spit me out. Come now, and visit my ghost with me

Reviewer: Allison

I think it’s incredibly important for me to preface this by saying I don’t like autobiographies because usually, they come off as pompous and boring, but this isn’t just any autobiography. Not by a damn sight and it’s anything but boring.

It starts off with this young boy who really isn’t comfortable with who or what he is and quickly explodes into a world of madness. Rick’s world pulled me in to the point I wanted to know the people (Some I admittedly stalk on Facebook.) I wanted to visit the club, which I’ve seen with my own two eyes.

I felt like I was actually reliving those days with him, the happiness and sadness, the excitement and fear, the good and the bad. It’s all there. You don’t miss ANYTHING. For God’s sake, I could hear the songs he danced to and I was shaking my booty right along with him as I read the words.

It takes a lot to pull me into a book and please don’t mistake this “memoir” as some bland story about someone’s uninteresting life, because I assure you, it’s far from it. Take Rick’s hand and let him show you the world of a young dancer from his stage. It’s WELL worth the view from up there. I highly… HIGHLY recommend this book.


Tell us a little bit about how Visiting the Ghost of Puppyboy came to life. 
Puppyboy was a Dancer name christened to me by another Dancer.  A leather boy Stripper for show who became an addictive alter-ego personality in me. Pup's alter-ego image continued egging me on for years into a rise and fall of debauchery, drugs, a quest for love amongst broken hearts - mine and others.
He (Puppy)essentially became my reckless best friend as we both spiraled out of control inside one person - Me.
These days the memory of him still haunts me.  Hence the title 'Visiting the Ghost of"

What inspired the story?
A small stack of books sat with me years ago. They were tormenting journals that have been filled with haunting memories and outrageous stories of my days and nights while I was a dancer/ go-go boy/stripper.  The ins & outs of the nightlife industry had to be told through my eyes, to share the secrets with as many as would want to.  Isn't that what sweet taunting exhibitionism is all about?

Who is your favorite character and what makes them so memorable to you?
My Dominatrix Dance Manager from the nightclubs Club Fetish & The Chamber.  She gave me my stage & spotlight to begin with at t the beginning of it all.  To make a scene in front of hundreds at her command.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you decide to write.
Go to the book's website, , and click the 'About Me' tab.  It saves space on this page

Any advice for aspiring authors?
Don't let writer's block last more than a week, you'll end up repeating a Chapter you forgot you wrote!

Any additional comments?
Don’t regret things you've written, the words came from you for a reason… even if it’s only you understands what it means !

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  1. Sounds like a good read...can't wait to get into it! Thanks for such a novel approach to it!

    1. Thanks! I really hope it helps out the people who are struggling to get their name out there.

  2. WOW...I am speechless! You've tossed me back into the spotlight.
    "Get that girl off my stage, my song is on!"
    - Pup (his Ghost)

    1. That made me cackle quite loudly. And soooo appropriate for Pup to say!